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Breeding for profit - not history


Why Kerin Poll


It all started when…

Kerin Poll over the past 10 years has gone from selling 125 Rams to 450 Rams at auction. This rapid growth was driven by client demand for a contemporary Merino that was fertile, had fast early growth, created the opportunity to join Ewe lambs at 7 months of age and increase the speed at which wether lambs achieved saleable weights. As well as increasing the doing ability through the increase of genetic fat and muscle all this while maintaining high fleece weights of 19 micron wool.

“The relationship starts at the fall of the hammer”. Where front of mind is the creation of a win win business partnership. KP Connect


450 Auction Rams, Monday 9th September.

Your attitude determines your altitude

Rams will be penned and ready for inspection from 6:30am Auction Starts 12:30pm
Sale will be Interfaced with Auctions-Plus
Morning Tea and Lunch will be provideD.


Sale videos of Lots 1 to 15