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The relationship begins at the fall of the hammer
— Nigel Kerin

What is KP Connect?

A unique service that Kerin Poll offers its clients to further strengthen the relationship is Kerin Poll Connect.
The KP brand is in high demand within the sheep industry and selling at a premium.

Its as simple as this, whatever our clients breed and are surplus to their requirements, we can on-sell into the industry at a premium to traditional selling methods. WHY? Because the KP sheep perform above expectations no matter where they go. The feedback from professional lamb finishers has been, "be it on grass or feedlot the most profitable lambs traded have been KP bloodlines." This is also reinforced by the female re-stockers speaking highly about the number of lambs weaned and the turnover time of lambs into a saleable product.

The objective is to establish a relationship that creates a win-win for both parties and with the ultimate goal that creates a network that has an end result of ZERO cost genetics, through the marketing of Kerin Polls progeny.