Our Team

Yeoval, Central West, NSW
3950 HA including 1000 HA of Summer and Winter fodder cropping
650ml Rainfall
DSE range from 9,000 to 64,000 depending on season, averaging 32,000 DSE


Nigel Kerin

Founder and director of Kerin Poll
Nigel’s primary role is to strategise the development of Kerin Poll genetics. Not only offering genetics but mentoring clients to reach the full genetic potential of the product they are purchasing.


Kate Kerin

Business Administration
Kate provides Kerin Poll with stability managing several administration aspects consisting of but not limited to budgeting, accounting, finance, and also ensures our sale catalogues data is accurate.


Brett Kerin

Genetic Strategist
Brett plays a vital role in researching and developing our business into the innovative enterprise it is today. Combining the observation of management and genes to shape the future direction of Kerin Poll through the promotion of data accuracy.


Joseph Kerin

Trade Cattle Manager
Joseph’s role as the cattle trading manager is vital to the success of Kerin Poll. Allowing the business to match stocking rate to carrying capacity in a rapidly changing climate, optimising the genetic success of the stud.


Elise Walker

Data and Nutrition Manager
Elise completed her bachelor of animal science at CSU Wagga. Her role involves the overseeing of the day-to-day nutrition management and data collection of Stud animals. 


David Kiel

Fodder cropping and machinery maintenance
David is responsible for the summer and winter cropping program which adds up to 1000 ha every year. As well as all farm machinery maintenance