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Our Story


Nigel Kerin

Is the Chief Executive Officer of Kerin Agriculture. Nigel oversees the business direction to provide guidance on how it can continue to be a leader in the Merino industry and provide genetics to allow clients to be profitable and productive. He is able to make business decisions based on fact and not emotion. He also has the ability to make decisions ahead of time.

Kate Kerin

Kate plays a crucial role at Kerin Poll by ensuring stability across various administrative dimensions, including budgeting, accounting and financial oversight. What truly sets Kate apart is her exceptional attention to detail in the realm of holistic business management, where she consistently demonstrates her capability by executing all procedures with foresight and precision.

Joseph Kerin

Studied agribusiness at Marcus Oldham College and now manages the cattle trading operation for the business. He has a passion for livestock production systems and brings outside knowledge and education back to grow the business.

Runs the fodder cropping and pasture establishment as well as all the maintenance farming machinery which is a vital part of Kerin Agriculture operation. His superpower is his efficiency in managing the fodder cropping and pasture operation single-handedly, which is an integral part of the business.

Manages the day to day logistics of the cattle trading operation. He monitors weight gains, pastures, moves etc. Hugh is part of the Kerin Agriculture team on a placement year from Marcus Oldham College. His superpower is his ability to quickly learn and adapt to new situations.

Our Team

 The people who make it possible

“If you want to make everyone happy, don’t be a leader. Sell ice cream.” 

  - Steve Jobs  -
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