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10th Annual Ram Sale September 9th 2019

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Kerin Poll's 2018 ram sale surpasses all expectations

The date was Monday, September 10, 2018, and it will be a date that the team at Kerin Poll won't forget anytime soon! We offered and sold all 400 rams to average an amazing $3025. It was an extraordinary day and we hope this video gives a little insight into the atmosphere of the day. Enjoy!

2017 Ram Sale sets stud record high price at $26,000, and breaks national record - again

We were thrilled to see such a huge crowd on-hand to participate in our 8th annual on-property ram sale on Monday, September 4, 2017. There was a total clearance of 359 rams to top at $26,000 for the Lot 2 MP306 son, selling to repeat client, Adrian Newton, "Combadery", Walgett. The entire sale draft averaged $2457, with 16 new buyers. Enjoy our 2017 Sale Highlights Video...